Episode 2

There was no reason for it. It just didn’t add up. The idea of a man eating a chicken sandwich was inhumane against nature. A chicken sandwich should live not be slowly digested in one stomach. It’s the worst kind of hungry cage for something as gracious as the chicken sandwich.

Ramble time he sat pondering the horrible acts of humanity. Why? The question that loomed over his life was inescapable, unstoppable, but it just had to be questioned. He was scared of the thought of what was to come. Would it be good? Would it be bad? With the answer hurt his reputation publicly? Or mentally?

“You’re on in five minutes,” the leader of the stage crew shouted to him.

They promised to heal his wounds to help him with whatever he needed during his convalescence period after it happened. But why? Why did they need this? computers nowadays can do whatever they want. They could simulate this in probably better circumstances than this. But he had no choice it would happen. No stopping it now. At least he would get a great deal of money, according to them. But wait, he didn’t sign any contracts that said that they had to pay him.

“Lights, Camera Action,” the director shouted.

“No, wait!” He tried shouting, but nothing came out. He tried to move himself but nothing seemed to move him. Nothing. A pair of hands picked him up as he tried whatever he could think of. But nothing worked. It would happen. He tried to scream, but nothing was there. He was helpless in captivity of his own choices. The mouth came closer. He would lose a part of himself a part of his body that he now had to keep white blocks, squeeze his body, and tear off a part of him. He screamed in pain and agony trying to fight back. But he could do nothing. The white blocks came again and tore another chunk of him off. He was becoming numb and his vision blurred. He was losing consciousness. One bite. Only one bite was there in agreement. One bite.

Everything slowed its pace. Why? rang in his mind? Why? Then? There was nothing.

“All right. Good take, Mrs. Everson. This will do nicely for the commercial for our restaurant’s new chicken sandwich.,” the director reported as his face shone with an evil smile.

Bits of him were left after the act. He was a good chicken sandwich. But why?

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